【Aso Global Kids】Activity report on September 2nd

September 2, 2023
It's time for Aso Global Kids Club again!
For today, the studets took the lead for "feelings" talk and asking and answering basic questions.  They could do very well without much help from the teacher!! 
Our letter of the day was"X x".  "What words have the "x" sound?  Box, fox, six!  Socks?

In Morning English# 1, we started a new study unit about "Transportation": car, taxi, bus, boat, garbage truck... so many vehicles!

After that, we went go for a walk outside. What vehicles can we see?  
We found cars, trucks, fire engines, an ambulance and a train!
What's this? Oh!! A dragonfly! A cricket!  It was fun walking while chatting, and the kids tried hard to use their English!

Back to craft time. This time, the theme was shapes and vehicles.
I made a truck and a train by combining circles and squares.
We made cute and colourful pictures!

Aso Global Kids is held every Saturday.
It is held at Kurokawa nursery school and once a month at the Aso campsite.
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for details . We are looking forward to your experience here .

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