【Aso Global Kids】Activity report on August 26th

August 26th, 2023

August 26th was our first lesson after the Obon holiday.  
What kind of obon did everyone have?
In Morning Activities, we had a basic Q&A session on Feelings, name, age, and where we live. Our alphabet letter of the week was "Ww".  Words starting with W are Water, Wednesday, Weather, etc.

For Morning English #1 we continued to learn about space.  At the end of the video, there was a game where you had to guess what was hidden behind the door.  After that, we played a game to practice the new vocabulary.

After snack time we had Morning English time #2.  We learned about France.  We learned about France's capitals, famous places, staple foods, sweets, and more.

During Craft Time we used scissors, paint, paper and glue to create a rocket. Everyone did very well!

Aso Global Kids Club is held every Saturday.
It is held at Kurokawa nursery school and once a month at the Aso campsite. Click here
for more information . We are looking forward to your experience here .

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