【Saturday English】August 12th Lesson Report


It's time for Saturday English again!!
First, let's check our homework.  Be carefull with spelling and the spaces between letters!!

First, we did a review of last time: "What's this?- It's a marker./ What's are these?- They're markers."
We played a game with blocks to see how many blocks Brent had in his hand. "There're two!-  Yay one!"  It was a lot of fun.
After the game, we practiced reading. We are starting to be able to read the dialogue smoothly!

40 minutes flew by. I have finished writing my homework for next week.

Saturday English is held every Saturday from noon.
This class uses textbooks to improve the four English skills (listening, speaking, writing, and reading).
14:00-14:40 for 1st and 2nd graders
and 15:00-15:40 for 3rd and 4th graders
. Please feel free to contact us here

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