【Aso Global Kids】Activity report on July 8th

July 8 ,  2023

It's time for Aso Global Kids again! Students from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University came to visit us today, so we practiced introducing ourselves  .
Of course, we also practiced the alphabet.  Today we focused on the letter Ss.

After that, the students from Hong Kong came to play with us.
At first, we were a little nervous, but soon we could join hands and play games together!!

Our new friends from Hong Kong gave us lots of popular and yummy snacks from their country.  We ate them for our snack time!  It was so good!!!

After snack time, we went back to Calendar Time and played games to practice jobs and occupation words.

Today has been a very special day. We were nervous   at the beginning, but it was a lot of fun ♡
Aso Global Kids is held every Saturday .

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