【Aso Global Kids】Activity report on May 20th

May 20, 2023

Today's activity of Aso Global Kids is "rice planting"! !
Outdoor activities are held once every two months as an event. This time, we went to the rice fields in the Aso Kano area. Everyone put mud on their faces and worked hard to plant the rice. We planted rice while thanking the farmers for the importance of rice.

It ended around 12:00! ! Everyone did their best ♪
Then, we had curry for lunch! It was yummy♡ The meal after exercising was very delicious.

After rice planting, we went to Aso Campsite. We played with a parachute with the Global Kids members from Minami Center. UP! UP! UP! Down! Down

We planted rice and made some great memories♪

Aso Global Kids Club is held every Saturday.
The program is held at Kurokawa nursery school and once a month at the Aso YMCA campsite.
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