The YMCA Japanese Intensive Course 2019

The YMCA Japanese Intensive Course

Start time: November 5th~ November 15th, 2019
Address: kumamoto YMCA college Japanese short term course

This course is designed for senior high citizens (around 40~70 years old) living overseas or Japan. The goal is to assist participants communicate fluently during the short term travel. It is divided into two parts: the first one is intense Japanese learning; the second is practical application. We provide you with not only sightseeing recommendations, but also experiencing YMCA unique items. We sincerely hope this learning will become your precious unforgettable experience in your life.

■Content: Japanese class, outside activities, YMCA one day sightseeing, trying out YMCA special items
■Participation fee: 79200 yen(tuition, food, experience, and travel are included. But accommodation and air ticket are excluded)
■Accommodation: College can recommend some reliable renting houses as the reference, visiting our home page for more information.

1. Tuition fee & requirements
(Please read it through carefully)

Applying for a Visa

Our school can’t help you apply for a visa. If you do not have a visa, please apply for one by yourself.

Participating in travel insurance (Necessary)

Overseas participants have to be possessed with travel insurance before coming to Japan. Please submit your copy of insurance the first course day. Otherwise, we may refuse to admit you as our formal student.

Total fee:

79,200 yen(tuition, food, experience, and travel are included. But accommodation and air ticket are excluded)


You can choose to pay in person on reception, or through bank transfer.

[reception]: please physically come to our reception paying off total fees.

[bank transfer]: please transfer the total fees into our bank account after submitting application form.


The fees cannot be refunded except in the following cases.

[Before your course attendance]
-If you cancel your application, the money will be refunded minus the registration fee.
-10,000 yen will be deducted as a transaction handling fee.
-If you want to be refunded by bank transfer, you must pay the transfer fees yourself.

[After your course attendance begins]
-No refund for any reason after you begin attending the course.

Other important notes

-We cannot take responsibility for accidents out of our school.
- The minimum number of people on this trip is 5. If less than 5 people apply, the trip will be cancelled.
-Make sure you have the ability to complete the application procedures by yourself.
-Please pay your telephone charges and all other living expenses by yourself.
- If you cannot agree to the regulations of attending a course, according to the judgment of our staff, we can stop your right to take courses here and will not refund you any fees.
- If you want to be picked up, please take flight CI198 to Kumamoto Airport on November 5. For other flights, please contact us.

2. Application Procedure

>>Application Form(PDF)
>>Application Form(Excel)

(1) Submission of the application > (2) Payment instructions > (3) Payment > (4) Payment receipt and final confirmation

Documents you should bring on the first day

*If you do not take all these documents, our school may reject your enrollment even after your arrival.

-The final confirmation (Sent out in (4) above)
-Copy of your travel insurance participation certificate
-Copy of your passport
-Copy of the certificate of alien registration


From Fukuoka Airport

Please take the high-speed bus "Hinokuni-Go (ひのくに号)”. It will take you about 2 hours and please get off at “Kumamoto Bus Terminal” bus station, then walk or take the tram to Shinmachi.
One-way fare: 2,060yen (as of Ferbruary 2019)



5.Class Schedule


6.Bank Account

肥後銀行 新町支店
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熊本YMCA(ワイエムシーエー)理事長 岡 成也(オカ ナリヤ)

Higo Bank, LTD Shinmachi-Branch
A/C: 1028393
A/C Name: Kumamoto YMCA, Rijicho, Oka Nariya

熊本YMCA中央センター  the Kumamoto YMCA Chuo Center

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1-3-8 Shinmachi Chuo-ku Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto 860-8739 JAPAN
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T: +81-(0)96-352-2344

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The Kumamoto YMCA, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation