FAQ in Kumamoto Japanese Language School

■Regarding Admittance

Q1.Can I enter this school at any time?

We suggest you enter in April, July, October or January in order to take advantage of our curriculum, However, if you feel that the level fits you, it is possible to enter on other dates. We will fix an entry date once a month. 
Please look at the following pictures for more details.

Q2.Can you help me apply for a visa?

Kamitori YMCA can not help you apply for a visa.
You should be sure that you have a working holiday visa, short-stay visa or espousal visa before you are admitted to this school.

Q3. Is there an age limit?

You should be at least 17 years of age, and able to come to Japan by yourself.

Q4. What is necessary for application and what is the process of application?

Please refer to this.

Q5.When should I apply by?

Please submit the application form at least two weeks before the entrance day.
Because the YMCA will be closed for the Bon Festival and the New Year, please submit your application form as soon as possible.
Please refer to the calendar(PDF) for the YMCA schedule.
The acceptance will be closed once all slots are filled.
We have ten slots. So you should apply as soon as possible.

Q6.When and how can I take the level check test?

You can take the test at any time before submitting the application form.
Please take the test on the web within one week after you apply for the level check test.
An overseas applicant can also take it by PC at home.
We will explain how to take the test, so please inform us after reading the following website.

Q7.Can I submit the application form by mail or E-mail?

Please refer to the following site about the application form and application guide.
You can print out the application form (PDF) and send it to us by mail.
It is also possible to download the application form (Excel) by PC, fill in it, and send it back by E-mail. 
Please read the application guide before you submit the application form.

Q8.When should I pay tuition?

We will guide you on how to pay tuition (*) after receiving your application form.
Please pay by bank transfer within ten days after receiving the e-mail of the request of payment from us.

Please read the following website about the payment and rules.
You must pay all expenses at one time.
We will inform you of the amount by mail or letter when guiding you on how to pay the tuition.

Q9.Do you have an airport pick-up service?

Yes, we have an airport pick-up service. Please refer to this.

■Regarding study and life in Japan

Q1.When is the beginning and ending of courses?

Please refer to the following calendar.
For example, the course period for a student who hopes to attend for three months beginning in October will be October 7 to December 22.

Q2.Can I entry this class?

Please refer to this for the level description of each class. You must register for the Level Check Test before you apply to attend a course. If you want to register for it, please look here.

Q3.How much will my Japanese improve after I start studying?

Please refer to this. At Kumamoto Japanese School, our aim is to help you master the fore essential skills of Japanese reading, writing, speaking and listening, not only through curricular knowledge, but also through various extracurricular activities. Experienced teachers will guide you to complete your study according to the curriculum.

Q4.Do you have any scholarships?

Currently our school does not offer scholarships, but we are considering setting up scholarships in the future.

Q5. Do you have a dormitory?

YMCA will introduce an apartment to you. Please refer to this.

Q6.How much is the cost of living?

Average monthly cost (example) :
Accommodation fee(including utility charges):70,000-80,000yen
Food cost:20,000-30,000yen

Q7.Can I have a part-time job?

Students who hold a tourist visa can not have a part-time job. There are some restrictions according to the type of visa.

Q8.Will you help me pass the JLPT (Japanese- Language Proficiency Test)?

We can introduce you to some bookstores selling application forms or order it for you.

Q9.Can you give me the certificate of enrollment? Will it cost any money?

If you need it, please notify us before the end of course. It is free of charge.

Q10.Do I have to participate in optional tours? How much does it cost?

Participation is a voluntary choice. YMCA student, your friends and volunteers can also join. Cost is the actual cost of each tour. YMCA will provide you inexpensive and interesting trips.

Q11.Can I rent a bicycle from the school?

We will try to provide you with a secondhand bicycle, please note that we have a limited number.

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