Optional Activities

■Yearly events at Kumamoto YMCA

At Kumamoto YMCA, a lot of youth volunteers composed of Japanese students who are studying English conversation and foreign languages gather here to plan and carry out various volunteer activities and events.

Welcome Picnic


Christmas Party


■Optional Tours

Activity Program

Let's participate in exciting activities to enjoy the "happiness and delicious foods" of Kumamoto ---- the city surrounded by forests and water.
In order to let you fully enjoy your short-term study in Kumamoto, we have prepared many short trips for you outside of class. Through going out to play and communicating with the surrounding people, you can not only master common Japanese expressions, but also understand the lifestyle and culture of Japan. This kind of activity beyond the classroom is a good opportunity to meet and communicate with your friends and Japanese people. It will become one of your life's most precious memories. 
In Kumamoto, you can fully enjoy Kumamoto Castle which is one of Japan's three major castles, as well as Jōka Machi, the castle town of craftsmen and merchants where Musashi Miyamoto lived, and the unique natural scenery. Kumamoto YMCA is surrounded by a beautiful shopping arcade overflowing with nature. In addition, the groundwater in Kumamoto is rich in minerals, so you can enjoy the unique and delicious dishes made by this water. In Kumamoto, you can have a good time through the double pleasures of shopping and delicious foods.
Let's fully enjoy the beautiful nature, history and rich culture of Kumamoto!
As the seasons change, you can enjoy different activities.

Leisurely half day course

Visiting Kumamon Square
Visiting kumamoto Castle
Visiting Suizenji Park
Visiting kumamoto prefectural traditional crafts center
Visiting the factory of Suntory beer

Fully interesting one day course

Amakusa: Dolphin watching
Kumagawa: Rafting
Aso: Kurogawa hotspring
Yatsushiro: A traditional Japanese "Kabuki" play

■Learn a language, make more friends!
Japanese Practice Club


A Japanese volunteer will be your partner to help you practice Japanese.
We have prepared material that is most suitable for your practice and also for your class review. 
We will arrange a partner for you after you have informed us of your convenient times. 
Through these exchanges, you will learn more about Japan, so let's speak Japanese as much as possible.

■International Youth Volunteers


The international youth volunteers, mainly composed of college students, gather at Kumamoto YMCA. They hold regular meetings each month and plan events or volunteer activities themselves. Let's enjoy international friendships with Japanese students at YMCA.

Chuo Center

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