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Level Descriptions & Kamitori YMCA Japanese Courses

Advanced Under preparation…
Intermediate Recommended Courses
●students who have studied the Beginner's material for more than six months (300 hours), completed Minna no Nihongo BeginnerⅠ,Ⅱ
●completed the A course
●students who have passed JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) N4 (Level 3)
・students who want to learn more vocabulary and grammar
・On the topic of daily life, students want to read and write about daily life
・students desire to communicate smoothly in various daily situation

The examples of what you will be able to do through this course
・You will be able to;
- ask somebody to write a recommendation letter, communicate with hospital staff in an emergency situation or make a speech at a wedding for you.
- communicate to a client on the telephone and apologize politely.
- leave a message asking to reschedule an appointment.
- draw a map or take notes while listening to slightly difficult directions.
- ask your boss politely about a change in your days off or training while giving your reasons.
- ask about recommended sightseeing spots of your travel destination.
・When you seem to be late for an appointment with a teacher or colleague, you can explain the reason and apologize politely, and ask to rearrange the appointment.
・have lost something or your child has gone missing, you will be able to explain the situation and ask for help.
・buy something like electric appliances, you can not only tell the staff your hopes and requirements, but also understand the staff's explanations of the functions and their comparison.
・you are misunderstood and cautioned, you can explain your situation calmly.
Beginner Recommended Courses
●students who have studied the Primary material for more than three months (150 hours), completed Minna no Nihongo BeginnerⅠ
●students who have passed JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) N5(Level 4)
・students who want to learn vocabulary and grammar necessary in daily life
・students who want to review basic grammar and be able to use in conversation

The examples of what you will be able to do through this course
・You will be able to;
- ask about the surrounding locations, transportation and directions.
- ask for and understand guidance at a station.
- ask about and discuss company rules and your work schedule.
- briefly explain something you heard from someone else.
- explain your future dreams and plans using -tara or -reba.
- communicate with a salesclerk and ask about reasonably cheap, good products..
- ask a friend to hang out or explain the reason why you cannot hang out.
- have a simple conversation with your bosses and teachers using honorific language.
・When you are late for work or an appointment, you can briefly explain the situation and apologize politely.
Intro-ductory New Open! You will learn basics Japanese from zero. Ability to read Hiragana and Katakana is requred.

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Textbooks and items of study

excerpted from

PhotoMinna no Nihongo Intermediate І
Minna no Nihongo Beginners is commonly acknowledged to raise the practical conversation ability through the accumulation of Japanese basic grammar and vocabulary. This time, in response to the needs of the beginners' students, the intermediate series was produced. Minna no Nihongo Intermediate І aims to cultivate language ability, such as reading, writing, speaking and listening and the desire to study by ones own. This is necessary in the earlier period of intermediate study (when the student is transitioning from the beginner's class to intermediate).
Items of study:Textbook Descriptions PDF
PhotoDaichi Beginners Japanese 2
This textbook is intended to follow the Daichi Beginners Japanese І for foreigner learners who learn Japanese at a Japanese language school or university. By using this textbook, you can not only master basic Japanese grammar, but also the actual ability to perform the task in each section. Also, in this textbook, a lot of pictures are used to describe various practical scenarios, so that learners can master the content effectively in a short term.
Items of study:Textbook Descriptions PDF
Photo Daichi Beginners Japanese 1
Items of study:Textbook Descriptions PDF

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Ordinary Lessons
Ordinary Lessons
Ordinary Lessons
Ordinary Lessons
Ordinary Lessons


Ordinary Lessons
Ordinary Lessons
Ordinary LessonsOrdinary LessonsOrdinary Lessons


Ordinary Lessons
Ordinary Lessons
Ordinary Lessons
Ordinary Lessons


Ordinary Lessons

Ordinary Lessons
Required Class:There are classes focusing on the main texts. We will also prepare extracurricular activities once or twice every month. In the extracurricular activities, we will prepare practical activities for you to communicate in Japanese out of the classroom. For example, learning Japanese manners in a Washitsu (Japanese-style room).

Optional Lesson
According to your wants, we can offer the following extra-curricular lessons after arranging the time and number of classes.

Catch-up Lesson: According to your needs, we prepare lessons to help the students who joined us half-way to catch up with the other students.

Private Lesson: We prepare lessons in response to the needs of each person.
For example; Pronunciation practice, Examination skills (How to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test) etc.

※Catch-up Lessons and Private Lessons can be applied for and attended after the counseling of the applicant and the confirmation of intent from the applicant.

※ It is necessary to pay extra fees.

Period of courses

Recommended starting date

2017 2018
3 months 3 months 3 months 3 months

※Please contact us when you hope to enter on other dates.

Tuition for 3 months (Base cost)(YEN)

Registration fee 15,450yen
Course fees 159,180yen 53,060 yen per month
Materials expenses 15,450yen
TOTAL 190,080yen

※No matter how long you attend, the registration fee and Materials expensesare 15,450 yen.

The fees cannot be refunded except in the following cases.

<Before your course attendance>

  • If you cancel your application, the money will be refunded minus the registration fee.
  • 10,000 yen will be deducted as the transaction fee.
  • If you want to be refunded by bank transfer, you must pay the transfer fees yourself.

<After your course attendance begins>

  • No refund for any reason after you begin attending the course.