【Kamitori Japanese school】Study experiences in Kumamoto

It was an amazing experience to have studied Japanese at YMCA Kumamoto for 3 months. My first impression prior to leaving my city for Kumamoto YMCA was everything so well organized including pre-entry assessment, application, communication, logistics and so on. Upon arrival, an orientation in which the program schedule was introduced in details followed by intensive learning sessions throughout these 3 months period.

The Kumamoto YMCA is centrally located at downtown Kamitori with convenient transportation accessible. Although not a large premises, the learning venue is spacious enough, cosy and warm for small group learning activities. Since the class was held daily on weekdays, several teachers were on rotation for teaching. Nevertheless, it went quite systematically in accordance with the syllabus and eventually completed on schedule - thanks to teamwork among the teachers.

In addition, there were extra-curricular activities such as welcoming party, excursion, Kumamoto spot visits, graduation farewell party and etc.


Overall, I would say it was a memorable experience to learn Japanese at Kumamoto YMCA. The teachers are professional and responsible with high standard of expectation on students. The YMCA staff are warm and friendly, always helpful and answerable to questions. Without doubt, a strong recommendation to anyone who like to pursue learning Japanese for the coming future - it absolutely worth !