A trip to Yamaga

The students of the Kamitori Japanese courses went to Yamaga today.

Yamaga is located in the north of Kumamoto. It is famous for hot springs. And there are also many famous spots. For example, Yachiyo-za, a 100-year-old Kabuki threater.

First we went to Yachiyo-za.
We watched a performance of the traditional dance named Touro-odori in Yamaga.


Then we  went to the museum of Yamaga Touro.  (A Touro is a paper lantern.)
At the museum, we tried the Touro.   


Do you know what the model is made of?
The answer is Washi! What a surprise!

Yamaga is famous for its hot springs, so we went to a foot bath.


In the afternoon, we went to see the maple leaves.


We enjoyed ourselves today!

Kumamoto YMCA will provide the chances of trips.
The students can not only enjoy the trips but also do some international communication. 

If you have interest, please contact us.